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Pištolj na vazduh 1/4'' za grejace
Pištolj na vazduh 1/4'' za grejace
Pištolj na vazduh 1/4'' za grejace
Šifra: 909G6
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Pištolj na vazduh 1/4 za svećice

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Pištolj na vazduh 1/4'' za svećice

The air impact wrench is 4-stage torque adjustable to 10-20-30-40 Nm.
Start off on stage 1 and let the wrench apply the vibration to the glow plug for at least 30 seconds. Steadily increase the torque by clicking the speed adjuster clockwise to the next setting, then continue to apply the vibration/torque for at least 30 seconds at each setting, until you feel that the glow plug is starting to unscrew. If the glow plug is stubborn it is beneficial to keep applying vibration.
The maximum torque that the impact wrench can apply is 40 Nm. We do not recommend the application of a higher torque figure than this (by using a stronger impact wrench or a breaker bar) as this is likely to shear off the head of the glow plug.

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